My name is Kyle Kirkner          
               and I am a Digital Artist.
As a Digital Artist, my creativity transcends any single artistic medium, earning me the title of a true "Jack of All Trades." My passion lies in the vast expanse of creative expression, where I find fulfillment in exploring diverse artistic avenues.
My journey began in high school, where I honed my technical skills in a CADD course, mastering technical drawings and models. While this technical foundation proved invaluable, my true passion emerged when I discovered the world of 3D modeling. This led me to compete in the national SkillsUSA competition for 3D Animation, where I proudly secured 5th place, despite utilizing software not specifically designed for that purpose.
College expanded my horizons further, equipping me with a comprehensive skill set that spans Graphic Design, Video Production, 3D Modeling, and Animation.
Over the past 16 years, my professional journey has been a testament to continuous learning and growth. I have designed billboards for media companies, created numerous logos and websites for clients, and ventured into the technical realm by modeling 3D models and technical drawings for Department of Defense equipment.
I thrive in environments that foster creativity and provide opportunities for growth. I am passionate about pushing the boundaries of my creative skill set to deliver exceptional results. My dedication to continuous learning ensures that I am always evolving and ready to tackle new challenges.

Why me?
If you're seeking a professional who can deliver creativity, speed, and accuracy, look no further. I consistently exceed expectations, often surprising even myself with the innovative solutions I bring to the table.
While I am currently employed within the industry, I am eager to grow and develop my talents further within a larger company that offers opportunities for advancement and diverse experiences. My passion for my work is unwavering, and I am confident that my skill set would be a valuable asset to any organization.
I am a hardworking individual who is dependable, efficient, organized, and always punctual. My enthusiasm for taking on new projects, whether large or small, drives me to continually deliver outstanding results. I am easygoing, yet maintain a high level of energy and positivity, making me a strong team player.
For these reasons and many more, I believe I would make an excellent addition to your team.