My name is Kyle Kirkner          
               and I am a Digital Artist.
Why do I choose the title of Digital Artist? Well because that name best describes an Artist, like myself, whose creativity goes beyond any one specific artistic medium. I like to think of myself as a Jack of All Trades when it comes to the work I like to do. Which is Everything!

In high school I began my official teachings by learning to create technical drawings and models in a CADD course I took, knowledge that came in handy later down the road. Although the technical work was helpful, it wasn't what I enjoyed most. I ventured in a new direction once I learned how to create 3d models, which lead me to compete in a national's competition in Skills USA for 3d Animation where I came in 5th place. Not bad when using software not designed for that. College enhanced my knowledge and taught me everything else from Graphic Design to Video Production to 3d Modeling and Animation.

​Over the past 16 years since college, I have picked up on a lot of new skills and improved on others. ​I have worked for media companies designing billboards, created numerous logos and websites for customers, and even got into modeling technical sheet metal parts that would go on to create underground shelters. My ideal work environment is a place that allows me to grow and build upon my creative skill set. A creative place that will push me to apply those new skills to accomplish amazing work. I continue to learn and enjoy doing so.

Why me?
If you're looking for someone that is able to surprise you with creativity, speed, and accuracy, I am your man. I even surprise myself occasionally. I am currently employed within the industry, however I am looking to grow and develop my talents within a larger company that may offer some opportunity for growth, as well as serve as an outlet to gain more well-rounded experience as an artist. I am extremely passionate about what I do and believe my skill set could be of great use to any company that is looking. I am a hardworking individual that is dependable, efficient, organized, always on time and I’m always eager to take on new projects, large or small. I am very easy going and consider myself to be a high energy, positive team contributor.  For these reasons and many more I believe I would make an excellent addition to your team. ​​​​​​​